Covid seems to be on the retreat, vaccines are being rolled out and entry to Thailand without quarantine looks like it will be possible form July1st.  We have had a lot of time to reflect and to reinvent.  Now we are preparing to reopen as a better place than we were before.  More focussed, more serious, more Kung Fu.

We are aiming to constantly improve how well we teach our arts and to make them as relevant as possible to you, our members.  To help you master your selves, succeed in your lives and act as an inspiration for others.  To this end we will be focussing on building a cohesive community with an emphasis to pulling everyone in, and making everyone feel valued, accepted and supported because this is the sort of environment in which people thrive and in which we can bring the best out of you.  

We are looking to set clearer individual goals, and establish timelines for you to achieve them.

We have realised that prior to Covid we sometimes got distracted by trying to run too many different courses, run too big an organic farm and expand to new locations.  Not any more.  We are consolidating and focussing on what we are best at.  

To get the best out of people we are looking to encourage longer stays here.  We need time to get results.  

Our online training which combines really well with training here.  So you will not need to interrupt your progress while you are not here.  We have tutors available to give lessons over video link to provide individual feedback.  The picture has changed.

We are setting up a remote working area so that people can work from here in the future.  A great way to fund your training and live the life that you want.

We have launched our Kung Fu Lifestyle packages here at the Retreat, which give better deals for longer stay students.  

We have plans to make our lessons more focussed and more ‘progress orientated’.  

Life is not going to be the same as before but we are aiming to give an even better, even more relevant experience in the post-Covid world than we did before!  Let us know how best we can help you: we will be happy to reply.